New Works

Sat. 6 March - Sun. 28 March, 2021 *only open Sat. and Sun.
2021年3月6日(土)- 3月28日(日)*土日のみオープン

Komagome SOKO | 駒込倉庫

2-14-2 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo | 東京都豊島区駒込2-14-2

We are pleased to announce the group exhibition, “New Works” by Takahiro Ueda, Makoto Taniguchi, Mrs.Yuki and Osamu Mori at Komagome SOKO.

“New Works”
Dates: Sat. March 6 - Sun. March 28, 2021 *Open on Saturday and Sunday only.
Hours: 13:00 - 19:00
Venue: Komagome SOKO

In this age of rapid change, a wide variety of works are being produced around the world. How are they created and what are we trying to see?

Takahiro Ueda, who seeks a chance of encountering with a new landscape by dismantling industrial products, develops two-dimensional works using multiple paints with the same standard name sold by different manufacturers. Makoto Taniguchi, who has been focusing on the nature of images that provoke emotional involvement, this time creates images that are improvisational and unsteady in form. Mrs. Yuki, who has attempted to practice their art works from a biological point of view, retains the homosexual acts of insects as insect specimens that have died but still retain their perfect form. Osamu Mori, who focuses on organic forms in the real world and fuses them with logos of companies and organizations, studies the flow, mass, and water carving of expression in Western sculpture.

The artists have repeatedly had various experiences in realizing their creations and ideas. In many cases, viewers enjoy the endpoint of the work visually, however the enjoyment is doubled by exploring the essence of the work. For this exhibition, we invite Hayato Fujioka as our interviewer to reveal the essence of each exhibiting artist’s expression through the conversation.

For inquires for this exhibition:

駒込倉庫にて、上田尚宏、谷口真人、Mrs. Yuki、森靖によるグループショー「New Works」を開催いたします。

「New Works」
会期:2021年3月6(土) - 3月28日(日) *土日のみオープン
時間:13:00 - 19:00
会場:駒込倉庫 Komagome SOKO


 工業製品を解体することで新しい風景との邂逅を求める上田尚宏は、異なるメーカーから販売された同じ規格名の絵具を複数用いて平面作品を展開する。感情移入を引き起こすイメージの性質に注目してきた谷口真人は、今回、即興的でフォームの安定しないイメージを制作。生物学的な観点から造形の実践を試みてきたMrs. Yukiは、昆虫の同性愛行為を、死してなお形態を完全に保持する昆虫標本として留める。実在する世界から有機的な形を抽出し、企業や組織などのロゴと融合させる森靖は、西洋彫刻における表現の、流れ、塊、水の彫りを試る。