Sea, cliff, sky and mirrored


W2300 x D700 x H2100 mm

Steel, mirror film, archival print

Landscape consists of substances. The actual landscape, that is, the real image in front of us generates a virtual image in our consciousness by being associated with our perception. In the structure of the landscape, the whole landscape and its detail, and the real image and the virtual image are complicatedly related each other.

The hanging photograph emphasizes the aspect of materials on the landscape image. The landscape, printed on the paper, that you might have been there in the past swings between the real image and the virtual image by being materialized.
On the other hand, the space that you currently are - exhibition space - is shown as a virtual image distorted by the mirror. By reconnecting the relationships of these objects, is it possible that we recognize the character of the landscape?


Sea cliff sky and mirrored_01 Sea cliff sky and mirrored_02