Satellite Sound Project

Nov. 2010


Turntable, stereo speaker, Audio effects module, 1200MHz Loop Antenna

Observation date : 2010 . 11. 29 22:18

PALSAR which was requested from us to observe the earth was sending the microwave to our place on time. Then, we was sounding a classical record which has calm sound. The wave changed those calm sounds to distorted one by our intervention.

In order to take high resolution images, PALSAR sends the microwave to the surface of the earth. We received that and took for our experimental performance. And we made a special device to effect to existing music. I would like to think about some high resolution images, for instance, which is used on google map. We are taken as a part of city's scenery by a satellite. That has macro view from outer space. But, conversely , if we can recognize that view, we would have the possibility to express our sense to outside. Of cource, That will be given by our imaginations.
* (The earth observation satellite, JAXA : Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency)

Photo by Ikuko Ishida