Into outer space (for Mt. Rokko*)


Performance / Land Sculpture - Venue:Mt. Rokko (JAPAN) [Lat:34.7665597, Lon:135.2447053]

parabolic antenna, waterproof speaker,wide-band receiver, long sleeping chair, wood, steel, microphone

Sea port and airport are very important comportment for Kobe city. Generally, the port connects to any other areas in the world. And the port gives us clue to unseen sceneries outside world. It can be said, the ship sails toward to the destination, while collecting various sceneries. Here the object “The ship” would be said as “The specific sceneries”. Nowadays, the word “The ship” dose not only refer to the ship existed in an inner space. In outer space too, not a few numbers of ships which already departed from the earth are sailing in outer space and sending signal to us. That gives us some clue to unknown sceneries. By following up those clues, I would create “The port (=work)”connects inner space to outer space in Mt. Rokko, and imagine unknown sceneries=”Outer space”. In the sky above the Mt. Rokko there hardly can find any artifact block out vast outer apace. In addition, the forests it can be said our closest “space”, is still exist in great abundance nearby. By capturing these two “Port” in consciously, I would like to think the shade of meaning of the place, Mt. Rokko.